The most important component to your health and fitness goals is nutrition. You can exercise all day and have good thoughts but if you are not giving your body the proper fuel then just like your vehicle it won’t run properly. We not only serve the best fuel for your health goals and workout recovery in our restaurant and cafe, but we also offer cooking classes to teach you how you can easily prepare these same types of meals at home.


Fun is something that everyone enjoys and it makes everything, even things you normally would not enjoy, worth doing. We strive to make everything that we do a fun and enjoyable experience. Exercise is something that many people just don’t do because they find it boring. Well we alleviated that problem through our rock climbing wall. Rock climbing is a hard, physical exercise, but when done properly is an extremely fun way to spend a few hours and get your body working. Getting out into nature and climbing to the top of a mountain, seeing things from a point you never have before is one of the funnest things to do. Our events will also include games and other activities to keep the fun level up. Games are provided in the cafe for your enjoyment as well.


is just a fancy word for strength of mind. It means never giving up no matter what challenge stands in your way. In life we will face trials; some big and some small; what we need to be able to endure them is to build up our minds. This comes through exercising them. As you participate in our events you will be challenged and stretched beyond your comfort zone; each time you do you will grow. You will gain confidence in areas you were once fearful. You will realize your true potential and strive to be better next time than you are now. You will learn just how amazing this body is that you have and seek to encourage and lift others up to be the best they can be as well. Through all of this you will be mentally prepared to endure whatever life throws at you.


We all live on this earth together, yet so often we go through life as if we are isolated. Relationships are an integral component to life, health and happiness. At the F5 Challenge Center you are not simply a customer, you are a member of a family that spans 3 continents and is comprised of people from all backgrounds and races. Our local events help to build those local relationships and the larger events will help us to make new friendships that we can carry on forever. Please know that our staff are interested in a friendship with you and will ask you questions to get to know you better. Please feel free to visit with and ask questions of our staff as well. This is more than your typical health club.


Fitness is incredibly important in any journey to health. Your body cannot effectively remove toxins without the movement of your body. Not only will we be here to encourage and train you in proper exercise routines and techniques, but our events will drive you to experience the fun that can be had being active.


What we believe has a strong influence on the decisions we make and the way we look at life and treat others around us. Our beliefs direct the path that we take. It is very important to look at our choices and ask ourselves why we make the decisions we make and where will they lead us. In seeking to improve our health we must spend time focusing on our thoughts and beliefs or we will find it easier to quit when things get challenging. We offer private as well as group meetings on faith and how to look at and test what you believe.