The 5 F’s +1


The most important component to your health and fitness goals is nutrition. We not only serve the best fuel for in our restaurant and cafe, but we also offer cooking classes.


Fun is something that everyone enjoys and we strive to make everything that we do a fun and enjoyable experience. Games are provided in the cafe for your enjoyment and our events will provide many ways to keep your fun meter full.


is just a fancy word for strength of mind. It means never giving up no matter what challenge stands in your way. As you participate in our events you will grow. You will learn just how amazing this body is that you have.


We all live on this earth together, yet so often we go through life as if we are isolated. At the F5 Challenge Center you are not simply a customer, you are a member of a family that spans 3 continents and is comprised of people from all backgrounds and races.


Fitness is something that grows us and bonds us. No plan for improved health would be complete without a solid fitness routine. We will guide you to the right plan for your body.


We believe in total health which includes the mind, body and soul. Thus Faith is one of the 5 F’s that make up the core of who we are and what we do.

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F5 Challenge Center

28 Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24 Yaek 14 (Reun Rom) Hua Mak, Bang Kapi, Bangkok Thailand

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